some art festival intro pics

i have uploaded some images for those who haven’t seen/can’t see the intro:
[sorry to the dialup ppl… oh wait… i’m on dialup too!]

i worked on it for 3 months, but most of it was done in the last 3 weeks since i had to redo everything from the start…

btw, greetz to all the people who attended the blender conference… you rock! :smiley:


Nice shots :slight_smile:


Yep, very nice, I esp like the raging guy!, He makes me feel tingly. Impressive sky on that last shot!

I love how you captured the essense of the daal man. Awesome red lighting.
@ndy - perhaps you could give a “script” for that to explain whats going on scene by scene through the whole animation.


you dont recognise our master and guru? :wink:

Great job @ndy, suberp as always.
My two favs are the outside shot of the house, and the first pic showing the photos, thy both have this very nice sunny feel on them (and look)

Your work really does show what can be achieved using Blender.

I like evil ton. :stuck_out_tongue:


you dont recognise our master and guru? ;)[/quote]

Sorry, now that you point it out :slight_smile:

LOL, great job on Ton, and sweet animation. I loved it!


Great animation @ndy. I watched it several times and paused it just to appreciate its details and mechanics. Much to see, and lots of great ideas integrated into a very imaginative sequence.

I’m dialup too, and it was well worth the wait :slight_smile:


Your animation is really awesome :slight_smile: This kind of work really show that blender has the potential to produce professional quality animations :slight_smile: You gave us ‘the’ artwork to show at those max/maya fanatics who thinks blender is only for their little sister…

Those are some sweet pics @ndy. No way I could do that. :o

you can do that…don’t let yourself sink into a negative attitude…take me for example…the post “zachboy’s tree” turned out MUCH better than I thought it would…I haven’t had much experience but modelling this has helped me a lot…all it takes is practice.

Again with the wow. :o Where can I get the video? :slight_smile:

Andy … I just finshed watching the intro… DAAAAMNNNN

can u please make a tutorial on Landscapes (like the rocks and cliffs) and Clouds???

From what I have seen in the other animations of your site, these seem to be your strong points

I have tried to make them myself, but they have come out to be crappy , very crappy

andy, that’s really a great intro - you did an outstanding job ‘capturing’ Ton. Wow!

By the way, you mentioned that you had to redo most of it - what happened?

Exceptionally impressive!

I’m still trying to download the intro. Lousy dialup.

Any chance you might do a making of website like you did Mindfields?

hey guys HELP, i can’t find my GURU’s INTRO anywhere… ;(

H E L P , please post link… [!] [!] :expressionless:

it looked crappy

Haha, that’s a good reason :stuck_out_tongue: - and I think it was worth the effort.

I like to point out that I think the camera work in the beginning (when Suzanne is revealed and the plane enters the scene) is very well done.