Some ART!!!

New here with some quick concept Art Batch:


this should be in the traditional art section of the forums! :wink:

but very nice concept art, indeed! :slight_smile:

Sorry, my bad!
Mod feel free to move it. I thought I was in 2D forum. :slight_smile:

HEY! I’ve seen you’re stuff on some other forums. Really nice stuff, and i love your site. I’ve had you in my bookmarks for a little bit. Are you planning to do some 3D work as well?

Thanks Squiggly_P

I am working with 3D stuff half the time at work. But it is now so advance that it is hard to catch up with anything, mudbox, Z-brush and all that.
I am leaning toward just concepting for now.

heh… mudbox, zbrush and photoshop… i wonder why you chose this particular forum :slight_smile:

anyway, nice paintings, i especially like the outdoor stuff… have to check out your site.


Excellent stuff. Totally inspires me. I wish I was even half as good as that. I must check out your site also.

dunkyetame & basse>> thanks : )

Agree to 3d getting to complex , nice concept and good imagination.