Some Banners for my Blog

Hey Guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Lately I’ve been super busy writing a game engine in C#. I plan on doing all the art in Blender, however, at the moment it’s all currently place holder proxies. In the mean time I thought my web page was getting pretty outdated, so I jumped back into blender and rendered out some banners for each of my blog posts. Once again Blender to the rescue (damn I love this software).

If your curious about my game dev exploits, then feel free to check out the blog here Although I’m pretty sure nobody reads it, writing it has turned into a form of game dev therapy for me! Otherwise, enjoy the pics!

I’ve posted a couple below with a few more on my web page. Each pic is 30mins-2hours of work. It was really nice to just get back into Blender and do some rendering.



Game Music Post

Game Audio Post

Game Dev Plan Post

looks good, man. good to see you around still. do people actually still use cassettes?

Haha, guess I’m just showing my age! I still kick around here and drop in the forums every now and again. You’ll be seeing me a lot more when I eventually get around to doing the final art for this project :). I’m really looking forward to that, the debug objects are getting really old.