Some basic problems with UV map


I have some basic problems with UV mapping becouse im new with it.

Here you see an UV map (a piece of the middle section on my sword). The problem is is that piece of UV map is really meshed up. If i do unwrap than he is still meshed up. The rest of the UV map pieces are fine.

The seconds problem is is that i dont understand the UV map in edit mode. (is it new in Blender 2.43?)

Here you see an UV map of all pieces of the sword. I just dont really understand what you can do with this in the edit mode.

Have you downloaded and watched this great video?

Have you read this from the wiki:

It will answer your question. Read it through a couple times and work it.

You can cut a seam in your mesh to make it more usable, and unscrunch it. You can move your meshes around so they all fit on one map.