Some Basic Rendering Questions

  1. Can I render an animation in wireframe in 2.5? (see image link)

  2. How to Color Joined Objects - I have two objects that have different materials. One is White, One is Black. I Joined them. Now I want to color one of them a different color. How do I do this when they are joined?

  3. Deleting Materials - How do I delete a material from the list of materials in 2.5?

  1. Use the little “movie clacker” icon on the 3D view header. It “renders” whatever is in the viewport. Make sure to choose a movie format on the Render properties and set an output filename first.

  2. Upon selecting that joined object, you should have two different materials available at the top of the Material properties. Each of those is bound to their original portions of the model. You can edit either one from there, without affecting the other.

  3. Materials, like all datablock information in Blender, are removed when both a) they no longer have anyone or anything using them, and b) when you re-open the document. So, a material that should “go away” must be unlinked from any objects that are using it. Then, you save your document and re-open.

Tried it all and makes sense. Thanks Harkyman.