Some beautiful architechture

Started modelling this yesterday. This is going to be a fun project!

very nice! is this based on a photo, or reference? nice arches.

This is pretty cool. I also have to agree about the arches.

Are you using the array modifier to duplicate the arches?

If this is based on pictures I would really like to see them.

It looks like a fun project!

I hope you’ll add something between the bricks, like mortar. Without it they look too stark.

Thanks! Yeah the arch is made with array modifiers and the wall is based on a picture. I started making the inside today (from another photo). Here are the references and a quick and dirty render:
Not quite as handsome as the outside yet.


you using yafaray?

Very nice work. Are you modelling the whole building or just parts of it?

Thanks. :slight_smile: I’m using Blender internal and only modelling this part of the building for the scene.

It’s texture time!

Nice work on the textures so far. Is this intended for still image output, animation or a game? I’m struggling with textures at the moment (won’t tile in the GE).

Those textures look amazing!
are you gonna share any /give some tips ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tips, tuts, advice, it would all be appreciated, considering you did this in a few days it is really amazing.

Keep it up.

Thanks! I’m just making stills with this one. I’ll think of some tips and post them later but now it’s time for some extra renders. :wink:

is this for a game?

nice rendering

but you need to put something between stones joints

i mean it does not look naturel

also some of the edges for columns looks a little too sharp
may be add some bevel to theses

what would be the physical dimensions for arches?

the top of arches seems to be made of only one stone
is this physically possible ?
usually there are several stones froming the arch !
unless it’s a precast s concrete arch beam ! LOL

also near the top of the arches on the colunm there are
cracks for the stones but no crack are visible for the ornment
above the arche - this doesn not look very natural!

also can you explain how yo set up texture for the little stone
with bump map ?
did you use some NOR value too?

happy blendering

Thanks, very useful criticism RickyBlender! :slight_smile: You’re right about the top piece of the arch, I’ll see if I could cut it in halves. I’ll try to fix the other things you mentioned too. And yeah all the textures are UV-mapped and use some NOR with usually only specularity adjusted - nothing fancy there. And ionee, I’m making the scene only for still renders.

one more C& C

the bottom of columns are some rectangular bases
this looks too thin for the size of the column

did you follow any specific architectural columns standard to do theses ?

it’s definitively not classical columns design !

also if you want o know more about classical arches

swearch the forum i have a post on arches design
check it out !
it should give you lots of ideas

Happy blendering

Adjusted the columns and made some tests with Indigo.

thats intense man, nice work!


1 - what did you use for texturing and how ?
very good looking

2 - for small arches i guess it’s good
but on many arches usually there is a Keystone at the top!

3 - don’t know but the last pics seems low quality or is it normal ?

4 - bottom of columns
there is a hanging piece in front there
and nothing under it to support
is this a cantilever beam ?

keep up the good work

Happy blendering


  1. I use just plain UV mapping with some nice quality textures from cgtextures.
  2. This is based on a photo so it’s not me who designed the arches :wink:
  3. Yeah these are just 5-15min tests. Indigo needs lots of time to make noiseless images.
  4. Se two. There should be some ornaments below the pylons though.