Some Blender 2.5 Questions

Hi, I am working through Blender 2.5 and I have come across a number of questions I can’t find answers to. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Question 1 - Turning a Path into a Curve Path in Blender 2.5?
In Blender 2.49 if I want to turn a path into a “Curve Path” I select the path and go to editing tools (F9) and in the “Curve and Surfaces” panel it says “Curve Path” which turns the curve into a Curve Path. How do I turn a path into a “Curve Path” in Blender 2.5?

Question 2 - Importing in Blender 2.5?
I tried to import both wavefront .obj and .3ds last night but neither showed up in the outliner or the scene. Has anyone had success importing an .obj or .3ds file?

Question 3 - Rotating an Object in Blender 2.5?
I created an object and then using the transform settings I rotated it 90° degrees, but the object didn’t rotate 90° degrees. I then typed in 1.570 into the “X” axis and it rotated the object very close to 90°. How do I set up Blender to rotate objects using 90°?

Question 4 - Resetting the Center Point of an Object in Blender 2.5?
How do I reset the “Center Point” or Pivot Point of an object or curve? Is it still called “Center New” in Blender 2.5 and where is it located in 2.5?

Question 5 - Can I reset curve handles to be of equal length in Blender 2.5?
Q) If I have dragged one handle to be longer than another and I want them both to be equal in length how do I do this in 2.5?

Anyone able to help me out!

2 - May not yet be implemented
3 - I believe the figures in the transform properties are i radians.
4 - There isn’t a button for this yet, Space / search for center. Add to tool tray if you want to keep it.

Remember 2.5 is only in an alpha stage. You shouldn’t have expectations that all the functionality in 2.49 has yet/or will be added to the 2.5 releases.


4- Crtl+alt+shift+c gives you a menu from which you can choose ‘center new’
5- Don’t know about this, but you can always scale to zero and scale out again, then they will be the same length…