Some Blender Questions

Okay so I’ve been using blender for about 6 months now and I’ve never really learned a few things that I would like to learn. 1. What is diffuse? (I think it has to do with lighting or something.) 2. How do I create a bump map. Please answer these questions because I really want to know.:yes:

to create a bump map you just need to paint black and white into an image in any image creation software (eg photoshop, paint shop pro or the gimp)

These days it’s common to then create a normal map from that using a filter(or plugin)


I’m afraid I only have time to answer one of your questions.

Diffuse is the light that is reflected omni-directionally from a surface - it’s what you would normally think of as the colour of an object. Imagine looking at a red matt plastic ball. The sharp bright white highlights are specular highlights. The blurred reflection of the floor is a glossy reflection. The flat red colour is the diffuse colour.

Quickly, a bump map can be created in any paint program (e.g. Photoshop, GIMP, etc.). You just paint the bits you want indented black, and bits you want raised white (and a shade of grey for everything in between). Nowadays, most people use normal maps. These are not as easy to create by hand. It’s possible to model a surface and generate a normal map from that model. I’m afraid I can’t help more at the moment.

Hope some of this helps.