Some bones doesn't show up in the animation panel

I select those bones, I press ‘I’, then click on “only selected channels” to make a keyframe but no keyframes are made and I can’t find them on the list at left. Any ideas?

Apply to all channels then. See if that works

It doesn’t work. Those bones are used to control the main bones with various constraints. I can see the main bones on the animation list but not the control bones. Edit:There are shapes assigned on those control bones (in case there is a known bug).

a screenshot would help. a blendfile more so.

The solution was to hit ‘I’ in the 3D View window and select ‘Whole character’. The missing bones were added but ‘All channels’ in the action editor didn’t make keyfrrames for those bones, only when I selected them one by one and chose “Only selected channels” then the keyframes were created (obviously a bug).

Post a file that clearly demonstrates the problem so that others can confirm that it’s a bug and you can file a proper bug report.