Some bones of the rigify addon don't follow the mesh in pose mode

Hi, I have a character with an armature made with the rigify addon. In pose mode in the rest pose every bone is following the mesh as you can see from this screenshot:

but if I move for example the bone foot_ik.L the green bones foot_fk.L, shin_fk.L and thigh_fk.L are now outside of the mesh as you can see:

Where is the mistake that I am making?
Thanks in advance

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There are no mistakes. Everything works as it should.
FK and IK bones are separeted for a reason. Mesh can follow either IK bones or FK bones.
In the Rig Main properties the first slide bar is IK_FK change value to 1 and you will see how body moves according to FK bones now.
Generaly you use IKs when limbs should stay in a place regardles of the body position. For example legs while walking or a hand when leaning on a wall. FK bones are used when limbs aren’t attached to anything, for example waving arms while waling or just gesturing.
Both IK anf FK has their pro and cons but I think it is a topic for another time.

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jerzygorskiart is right, you can also animate the slider to transition between IK and FK for certain actions. It’s very useful.

thank you very much, now I’ve got it