Some bullet tests

Hi, I did a few tests this weekend with an old Aligorith’s GSOC build, and thought to share them… they are very similar in concept.
The blends will only run on that branch.

His bullet implementation allows to make use of Fields to affect Rigid Bodies, in blender’s interface -no need to go game mode- and in realtime. Besides you can animate the influence of the simulation on each object, just like with a constraint.

Wow - thats pretty awesome. How do you get them to return to the form they started in? Is it a matter of tedious placement or something that bullet can auto-magically do?

It takes just two keyframes :slight_smile:
Think of the simulation that’s taking place as something like a constraint, where you can change its influence… if you move the slider to zero the object returns to its place -or a new location if you keframed that-
The downside is that it will no longer interact with other geometry on this way back.
I setup a driver in one example to affect all the boxes with one slider, but later wrote some simple python to keyframe a lot of objects at a time. Found this to be a much powerful way. You can see that in the files.