Some CAD-Support für Blender

Hi, I’ve written a pythonscript to provide some CAD-Support in Blender i’ missing.

The new functions provided are

  • Memorize current 3DCursor position on a stack
    (push; pop to return to previous position)

  • Move the Cursor to the world origin
    (trivial but there was yet not straight command for this)

  • Viewport aligment to local objectrotation (front/Back, left/right, Top/Button) for any object

  • Viewport roation Rx/Ry/Rz by increments (SHIFT-Button to invert direction)

  • Orthonormal Deltavektors for relative movement of the 3Dcursor in X/Y/Z: Definition of orthonormal Bases: X/Y/Z directional vectors of
    unitlength=1 with orientation of the current object. Cursor movement in any of these directions with unitlength=1 or
    scale by any measure.

* Inserting a point a 3DCursor position (control-MMB potentally changes that position
just while clicking)

  • inserting N verts between two selected verts

Most functions work either in editmode or objectmode.

The manual provided that comes with the script is in german. The inline script documentation is in english, I can do an english translation of the manual if needed.

You find a screenshot of the script-GUI, the script and german manual under:

Are scripts are tested. IF there are problems please report them here or in blendpolis.

Are these functions usefull for you?

Kind regards

Othmar Lippuner