Some Cars in the last couple days.

Im not very good at cars so…
practice, practice, practice… i guess. :stuck_out_tongue:
all rendered with Micro Render.

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this truck this the most recent attempt.
And i just noticed that i forgot to add a door handle. :slight_smile:

another one…

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this car was my 2nd attempt…

another one… little cars,
this was my first attempt.(in my “car modeling” spree :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve tried modeling cars before, but never took any time at all.

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The F150 is pretty sweet, may want to change the reflection on the cab corner. It makes the cab look a little out of square. And where the fender or wing meets the front bumper needs to be cleaned up a little.

Looking decent - tyres, however, look rubbish. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest spending more time on detail and cleaning up geometry issues. How accurate you want to be is a personal thing. Of course, if TM sees 'em he’ll have heart-failure. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh the tires have no tread on them… they are slicks. :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe…

thanks for the feeback guys.

who is TM? i will look out for him :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL you get fined in UK for tyres like that. :slight_smile:

Tyrant Monkey - he’s awesome at car crit - good modeller too.

If you’re into cars, or want to get better, he’s due to start a thread/tutorial soon; he made a recent post/new_thread about it.

Hey, you’re better at cars than I am…(I think…I have never tried one. =/ ) I would work on the tires some. They look very clean.

Oh him! i know who he is… i saw his post the other day about car modeling and
thats what got me started on modeling cars all of a sudden. (i didnt know he was a stickler for the wheels) :stuck_out_tongue:

To note the bricks texture has some tiling issues aka need for low pass filter even or how it is called as i remember it from Gimp. Those darker places.
For the cars how can they be called beautiful? Remove grille replace with “solid” plate and you have a trunk in front on the truck.
But otherwise modeling and rendering looks to got what the originals look.

Give a car a try, setup your reference images and just "take your time’’ thats all you can do.
I also noticed that its easier to model piece by piece i.e hood, fender, door, rear quarter panel, trunk, etc…
as opposed to starting with a box then trying to do it that way…
i did i both ways above, the “little cars” was a box model started with a box, the other 2 were modeled separate pieces.

another one…
this time someone stole my tires and put i up on blocks,
while i was in buying a 6-pack… :frowning:

6-4=2(Sh*t happens)

Awesome work. Much better than my attempt (insignia wip)

different angle, color & BG(using HDR from HDR Labs)
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FlightlessNinja, i think your car is looking really good really clean and sharp lines.
(its going to look really good when you render it)

the light’s are really impressive. why that engine u use?

oh all images rendered with Micro Render

oh i noticed that the front nose piece, and the piece in front of the trunk wasn’t “joined” to the body
this car has a one piece body, only the hood, doors and trunk are separate.
Fixed now. :slight_smile:
not finished with the rear end…may change the shape of it some more by the tail lights
(needs tail lights, blinkers, etc. also needs door handles and side mirrors, and interior + emblems)