Some cartoon animals


Here is some (unfinished) work I did after viewing Venom’s Lab 2 DVD.

First there is the baby phoenix. I had problem with it, indeed, doing a loop cut to make fingers completely “squared” the arm.

And there is the dragon. The mesh is merely done, now I have to sculpt it, and paint it. But I’m not so good at this.

Enjoy and thanks for reading ! :slight_smile:

I enjoy the model quite a lot, bue I find the way the wings are attached to the body way to unrealistic, even for a cartoon like character. It looks just like it would break apart from the body if someone tried to pull it and has no muscle to flap the wings.

Good work nonetheless =)

Thanks for the comment. Indeed the wings looks weird, I’ll try to fix it. Thanks again :slight_smile:

EDIT : I made an update, I tried to fix the wings. Next step is sculpting now.

Enjoy and happy new year :slight_smile: