Some Character designs...

Well, I might as well post some character designs and get feedback for improvement and such.

The main character, Alex. He’s awesome and he’s probably your father, too. No, he’s not Sesshoumaru wanna be and yes, he has a tail.

It needs more photoshop, but I won’t do anything with it, instead I’ll wait till I can make my damn tablet work right and use GIMP. I don’t want legal issues (again ^_^).

Mhm, anyway, here it is.

I’ll post others, when… I finish them/feel like it.

hmm… his sword is a bit dull. Maybe do a scimitar instead of a plain sword? Here is a reference.

All in all, I just want a “basic character” come, so I used a generic, plain sword for it. I added some minor changes to it, though, and then killed them off with GIMP because… I don’t really know why, actually.

Inked digitally with the GIMP. Finally got my tablet working :3

The sword is great now. I wanna see it colored.

Really nice concept drawing. Cool character. The only jarring thing is the pant cuffs dragging on the ground. As a swordsman, I’d think he’d want to take care to have solid footing. Maybe stuff the extra cloth under some laces around his ankles? Or something.

That scimitar is a nice touch, too. Nothing stopping him from carrying two swords. Make the straight sword a short sword, and sling the scimitar over his back for those situations when only a two handed scimitar will do.

Nice. Looks pretty similar to Cloud from FFVII, but aside from that, it’s pretty damn nice. I think you could stand to clean up the lower legs / feet a bit more, they are kinda lacking compared to the rest of the image. There are some tangents here and there as well, but those are often hard to avoid at a 3/4 view. Color this thing :smiley:

EDIT: If you’re going to keep the lines when you color it, I would suggest also adding some line weight variation to give the lines more life.

:o Still in the process.

@Squiggly_P: You can think of Alex as a bastard lovechild of Sesshoumaru and Cloud from Advent Children in the matters of looks. Mostly Cloud, I guess.

@Orinoco: You no idea how many times I tried to fix that. I just love those pants so much xD.

I am actually starting to like GIMP more than I did Photoshop… The Airbrush is godly.


1 billion years in MSPaint.

looking realy good

Sesshoumaru could take this guy any day, easily:p

Teh handle to is sword is bent in the picture where he’s holding it, and it doesn’t much look like the bigger picture.

How large did you draw this pic?

I like the kicks BTW;)

+1 billion days in MSPaint.

Ugh. I didn’t have a second to work on this thing. Stupid college. More over, stupid relationships @_@…

Neways, I’m really digging this new coloring technique. The result so far is much better than what I used to get in photoshop. Rawr. I am loving GIMP.

Off to the pants!

P.S.: This guy is Sesshoumaru’s teacher.

P.S. 2: Original size: 300dpi, 2546x3286 pixels.