Some Cycles Materials 1

Been working on some material node trees for cycles - materials use only inbuilt procedural textures

Bloom Metal

Galvanised Metal


Iridescent Glass (trying to simulate those metallised glass marbles we used to get as kids)

Glow Plastic

Polished Haematite (looks black - but has subtle flecks of blue and red)

Polished Malachite (interesting texture effect using stacked Voronoi textures)

these look great! could you post the node setups under each image? I’d love to see more:)

Yeh - will do - but i’ll have to screen grab and upload them - so not tonight :wink:

I have a few other materials in the works too - car paint, dispersion glass which are both derivations of materials posted by other blender users, but with subtle improvements to the node tree (i’ll credit when I post them) - and materials to simulate a soap bubble, lalique style glass and moonstone (although the last one is proving a little problematic and I may have to wait for volumetrics to be activated).

Sorry - been away on business. This is the first of the node trees for the above materials. I’ll try and post the rest this weekend. (edit - got carried away and did them all - so here they are in order)

Bloom Metal

Galvanised Metal


Iridescent Glass

Glow Plastic (I think the layer weight and add nodes to the bottom left are spurious leftovers from when I was developing this - you can probably do without them - especially the add one since its not connected to anything ;))



New one. A slightly better glass than the default shader. Adds a glossy shader with fresnel falloff to give more prominent reflections at oblique viewing angles (like real glass). Particularly evident in the sphere.

looking nice

but can you upload some sample files


Nope - that’s what the node trees are for. :evilgrin:

Thanks Moony for posting the node trees. Anyone else having trouble getting similar results with the node groups posted? I tried both the galvanized and bloom metal and wasn’t able to get a nice looking material.

How are you lighting your scene? The previews I posted all used a HDRI environment map.

Post an image of your results, I may be able to suggest what is going wrong.

I’ll post a couple results tomorrow. Dang work getting in the way of my Blender time.

Moony, I tried a few different lighting samples, some using emissions and HDRI environments. I did some more looking and found some better HDRI’s, but that didn’t fix the problem. I detached the glossy reflection nodes from the divide node and just input my own reflection values. I also detached the Voronoi scale and input a value in the field and I’m able to get much better results. Maybe an issue with the build I’m using from Graphicall. Either way, I think I’ve gotten pretty good results at this point. And I learned a lot looking at your node setups. Thanks very much.

No probs - there must be many ways to achieve similar results, and there is nothing to say mine are the best/most accurate way. Perhaps post an example of your results and node trees - see how they compare.

@Moony - I love the perl version - looks perfect - thx for the node setup!

have a nice day

I loved the materials!! haha that Soap Bubble is awesome! Good work dude, congratz =]