Some Cycles renders...

Modelling has been done in Wings… the renderings are made in Blender. The realism of Cycles is quite impressive, really.

good, simple scene but good, I’m curious to see a wire of this model :eyebrowlift:

Awesome, and yes, I’d love to see a wire too. How many samples did you use in this scene?

Here is the mesh… a Wings snapshot with the base-control mesh and a second one with the subdivided-smoothed mesh.The Cycles samples were some 3000, as far as I remember. In my experiments with the samples-quality balance I have noticed that the porcelain like materials need not so many samples… the translucent and glass materials need a lot, however. I still am experimenting, for gaining a reliable idea about the efficient rendering times for each kind of material.

Not to forget… in the final scene (the rendered one) the model has been subdivided one more time than the one in the second image.

Very impressive.

Only issue for me is the candle flame looks too flat. It’s also too white; there is normally a variety of colours, but does vary some.

quite impressive result indeed. Would you mind sharing the porcelain node setup?

In this case, with a white object, a photographer (or a retoucher) might consciously make the decision to suppress color in the flame … or even do stranger things like use black-and-white film with tinting on the print. So, the presence of a pure-white flame doesn’t draw my eye in this case.

It is a :eek: good :yes: render!

Thanks all for the comments…

Sundialsvc4’s observation is well put, really… I did think giving to the flame of the candle some hue but its nest object’s being so white would make it look too pale for a flame. Although I do agree that it is in need of something more.

As to the samples… I opened the scene in Blender and checked it… they were 1000.

Below I put a screenshot from the ‘porcelain’ material’s nodes. It is a very easy to achieve combination in fact but it needs to calculate well its interaction with the whole scene’s lighting too, for having a good result.

Thanks for those wires Fatesailor. I’m so intrigued by the design. Is it your own design or did you find it somewhere? It would be a very complex task to model this topologically correct. Your render proves this is not really necessary. Great job.

Thanks Mats… it is my own design.

Really, it does require an expertise to model complex shapes with proper topology. I have some ten years’ experience in using Wings 3D, so it is understandable my having an ease, somehow, to plan a topologically viable model in it. Altough I still feel the need of further experimentation for finding solutions in many modelling tasks. : - )