Some days...

What a weird day. Here I am sitting around in my house when all of a sudden I hear water running. WTF I ask myself and go to investigate. Heh, seems like the whole bottom of my toilet had broken. The bathroom was flooded! I shut off the water ('natch).
It was then that I realized that in the rush to cure the water flooding that that I had rushed barefoot through a pile of poop my dear doggie had left for some unknown reason in my path.
I yelled at him about the mess, then he peed on the carpet.
Some days are just great, eh?


Ok, here is what you need to do. Shoot your dog and get a new house. Problem solved. :smiley:

That’s horrible… Heeheheheheh

Well that day would’ve been unfortunate.

I’ve had days with many incidents back when I still went to a regular high school. Too much cussing by the teenagers, cussy grafiti in the bathrooms and even my school social worker cussed while talking at other kids.

Oh my! whatever did you do? good thing your parents control your brain now, or else you might’ve come out weird…


Thanx for the replies folks. I figured that what happened was that all the running water scared the sht out of my dog, then when I yelled at him, I scared the pss out of him. Probably more traumatic for the dog than me. No, I won’t shoot the pooch (he is a really good friend), nor will I sell the house, just more projects. :slight_smile:

Peace and good days to all…

oh crap!

what a day, I wouldn’t want to swap with you…now you need to call a plumber!

:smiley: That’s a interesting way to put it.
I can imagine the mess and I hope it’s all cleaned out now and that you won’t be doing any more sh*tslidin’

Well today my dad’s computer had a meltdown this morning. Then the computer at work had a melt down. so it’s been a little hectic around here too.

What kinda dog do you have, sounds like one of those rodent kinds, the small ones that “Can’t do anything to protect you, yet still are better than a cat cause cats suck” kinds.
You need either a pit, blueheeler, wolf, eskimo, golden retriever, husky or some sorta BIG dog that can protect you, one that you don’t have to worry about killing cause you accedently stepped on it kinda dogs. I love pit and blueheelers, best dogs in the world. So was your toilet bowl broken, or was the wax doughnut broken, that’s kinda weird that it just broke, that usually does’nt happen.

actually, he is a black lab/golden retriever mix, about 95 lbs.
He doesn’t like cats or people in uniforms. He can jump about up to my face without even trying. He can smell deer about a mile away, but hasn’t figured out how to herd them towards me yet. A good friend though…
Oh, and it was the bottom of the water tank, a piece just fell out and let all of the water out. Could have been because for a while I was working in another state, had all the water turned off here, but the temps get below freezing and there might have been some stress on the tank if the water in it froze.

Yeah teperature is most likely the culpret, I’m glad you have a big dog, I can’t stand small dogs, but I still think they’re better than a cat.