Some Demos :)

Some of my demos use the newest erwin build 2.43 preview 7, find it here. … The Demos -> …Ragdoll Catapult Demo (use 2.43 preview 7, Controls “space”) …Ragdoll Demo (use 2.43 preview 7) …Water Demo (use 2.42,Controls arrows) …Tornado (use 2.42, Controls “WASD” ) … (man i hate the way this forums smooshes everything into one paragraph) … NO python used… I’m WAY to lazy to learn it… besides, the logic bricks are good enough :stuck_out_tongue: Have FUN! HEY! how come everyone else can use seperate paragraph thingys?! >=/ and mines all smooshed into one. stupid forums… :confused:

I downloaded the ragdoll and water demos, the water one doesnt seem to work that well, but I love the ragdoll demo, thats so cool lol

WTF! Where do I know this name from?

lol Enric, Thanks RagingChaos66 :slight_smile:

I am changing my name to Enriqolonius


(i would not make a benevolent God. If I’m ever offered the job, advise me not to take it.)

Holy Crap! those are Awesome demos, the tornado one is awesome, but it would be cool if you put the ragdoll people in it! the water on is cool, but look’s weird, the ragdoll catapult is awesome also.

tarkata14 yea tornado ragdoll would be awsome… but current the 2.43 7e build still does not have good sensor support :frowning: when it does i will make it :slight_smile:

I love the catapult… played with it to 3 in the morning… oversleept my english class:S

err. i don’t get it… the ragdoll are just falling apart… what am i doing wrong?

did you use the right blender build… you need 2.43 preview 7

I posted a link to it im my first post