Some die hard Win7 users here?

I must say I am impressed with how win7 feels in comparison to winXP.

The task manager finally feels usable.

I read that win7 comes with many drivers/files pre installed.
Is there a way to slim down the system?

I’ve actually had tons of problems with win7. Probably driver issues…

Right click causes explorer to crash half the time, as does trying to open the cd drive. Most of the time the cd drive’s not even recognized, but sometimes it is… I’ve gotten a couple of de-facto BSoDs. The whole thing just feels unstable, I don’t know where the good reviews are coming from… maybe I’m just unlucky…

I had absolutely Zero problems with Windows 7. Everything works perfectly, smoothly, on my system.

Even though i find Windows 7 to be the best OS i ever used, I am not a die hard user.
I define “Good OS” as “compatible with most stuff and extremely easy to use”… Probably that’s why I don’t find Ubuntu so great…

I am not a die hard user because I will probably jump to Windows 8 when ever it comes out.
I expect it to fix most of the stuff i don’t like about windows7 or any other windows OS’s :
Lack of customisability, To much integrated stuff that you can’t get rid of…

Hi, i have problems with Win7 keyboard driver while using Blender I mean… That’s Windows 7 Starter in fact. What happens is when I enter strings (usually in “”) between the “” there is a text, ok… but after pressing " to add the first quote mark, it appears OK, then if my string is to be TEST, I press T but the letter doesnt appear where needed on screen!!! Rather then another " (quote mark) appear, i.e. after the first two simbols of my string to add I have “” rather than the required "T. :stuck_out_tongue:

This means that I should always keep on eye on the string, or use the back arrow to get between the two “” and re-start entering my string, or use BACKSPACE to delete the un-wanted second " at this stage and continue up to completing “TEST”… I dont know if somebody else expirienced that problem nor what may be the solution :eek:

If you need to tweak Win7, go see web site - they give a whole bunch of various advice and procedures for customising Windows-es, incl. Win7 :wink:

Yeah, i know i can customise Windows to a certain level when editing the registry and stuff like that…
But it’s still not enough…
For example:
You can’t rearrange objects on the taskbar, you can’t have more then one taskbar/panel, you can’t make tasks appear as ‘Icons only’ without grouping, you can’t add your own graphics for windows, taskbars or even the welcome screen without hacking into the system files, you can’t customise the startmenu, you can’t add custom folders to the start menu right side and many many many more…
A lot can be done in the registry, but they NEED the ability to be done simply in the taskbar options.
Basically every object of the shell or the windows manager should be customisable by the user in an easy to use gui.

The easiest possibility would probably be to create a new CD with I didn’t try it out yet, however I once used the old nLite for Windows XP which worked too (from 600mb to 200mb)

Yeah Win7 is pretty good. In terms of slimming it down, you can likely slim down the disk space using something like what magicjonsn suggested, but I would personally not bother since it is a battle to use software like nlite which permanently cripples the system and cannot be undone if you do in the future work out you need one of the aspects of Windows.

It would be like taking an easy to use operating system and then trying your hardest to make it difficult again.

There is certainly a lot of extras like games, media centre etc… that it would be nice to be able to uninstall.

I assume you will be dual booting in to it?

Good luck with it.

@ FreeMind - just being curious: how it possible for any WINDOWS after 3.1 to change the welcome screen without hacking into the system files??? :eek:

You can’t. And that is a problem windows has.
Microsoft will have to rewrite a hell lot to get me impressed :slight_smile:

I used Win7 for a while, until the hard drive failed (Seagate’s fault, lousy quality control I guess)
it was pretty good. They made a lot of nice tweaks; made it a lot more usable. (like, for example, that task manager should sort by CPU usage descending first, then ascending.)

That said, I love how much I can customize linux :slight_smile:

I just built a new multicore computer and finally took the plunge and switched to windows 7. I’m not sure if its the new hardware or what but I find Windows 7 to be fantastic. Everything about it feels polished.

Been using Win7 for a long time now and I love it, I’ve had zero problems with it and I can’t even imagine going back to XP anymore, the end :slight_smile:

@NinthJake - you may be give me the recipe then (see my posting, # 8 above) :wink:

Yup, Win7 is the best! I have Professional 64 bit and so far it has worked flawlessly. And it’s actually really nice having all of those extra drivers already in the OS. Most of my hardware so far has installed automatically when I plugged it in.

Except for OpenGL performance I love it. I still have to keep Linux on my system for decent viewport performance.

Windows does not come with the latest OpenGL drivers by default. If you want good OpenGL performance on Windows, you need to update your OpenGL drivers.

It’s not the drivers.It’s Windows. Performance is just a dog compared to linux on the same hardware.

It’s not the drivers.It’s Windows. Performance is just a dog compared to linux on the same hardware.
What are your specs (CPU, GPU, etc)?

What is the relevance of the specs if I am running both operating systems on the same hardware and getting better performance in one over the other? My videocard is a 7900 GS something. Not new, but not lethally ancient either.

Well I did it quite easily with TuneUp Utilities It’s basically a program that cleans up errors in your computer but it also has a styler with many themes for any OS and it lets you customize things such as the welcome screen. You can download a trial if you want to test it out. I have the full software and it’s awesome :slight_smile: