Some difficulties with hair...

Hi all,

I started working on a new project some time ago - if I can finish it it should be a short movie with a couple of “monsters” in an arena; I’ve started modelling the first character this week-end and naturally, I made some searches about hair. I especially found that article about long hair with the new system in 2.46-RC1 by TomK_999 and this looks promising; However, I still have a problem: the hairs emitted from the forehead are thrown in front of the face, thus hiding it… A good screenshot will help you undrestand:
(click for full size picture)

I believe if I could in some way rotate the normals of these faces (the ones selected below) this would solve the problem:

Now the question is: is there a way to do this without actually rotate the faces, which would damage my mesh?

Or if anyone has an other idea…

Thanks in advance.


with the new hair and you can just comb it…
look on the wiki


i tihnk midpoint is your problem btw

Ok thanks. I didn’t think about the wiki… I haven’t been on this forum for too long - not touching Blender for too long :wink:

… Bingo: curve guide!
I’ve just made a quick test and it doesn’t look right yet, but the hair are now going backwards and that’s what I was looking for. Now it should just be a matter of tweaking.



if you go into edit mode you can select each hair and reposition it where ever you want around the root


'scuse the dumb question…
but although I’ve heard about it before, I can’t find anything about combing hair in the wiki.
Could someone direct me to the page?