Some drawings

I discovered the threads about Super Wu-man yesterday, and one thing that struck me was that Cyborg Dragon seemed to be envious of all the attention the Wu-man got from caricature drawers.

So for great justice, here comes the CD caricature:

This is also the beginning of my quest to master the art of drawing. I had a quick sketch class with nude models every week in school for three years, but I haven’t drawn much else. Especially not mechanics or lizards. :^)

CD, if you find this too offensive, I’ll remove the pictures, but I hope your ego can take a friendly tease like this. :^j

Fluffing CD’s feathers (er, scales) is a thing of the past. We used to do flame wars and have fun. But this forum has grown. I’m sure you remember how it was, it says you joined in May of 2006. But really, is this necessary?

Drawing this to sharpen your skills is fine, but just draw something else to post here. Please.

I wasn’t here much until september last year. This isn’t meant to start a flame war. Only the fun part.

But if it isn’t received well I’ll take it away.

While my Dragon (true) form, isn’t partly mechanical but is just a normal all biological Dragon form why let that make the creative possibilties go away. It does fit my username though.

If anyone makes a caricature of me deciding to make it part mechanical is fine, as it would allow more possibilties.

I understand you’re not trying to draw my true form, I longed to be in a Dragon body for 5 years, the being part mechanical part was just me taking a more interesting identity to match Super Wu-Man even though it wasn’t an attribute of the Dragon body I longed to be in.

I’ll probably try to draw more dragons in the future. If you feel that any of them resemble your true form or a relative, I’d be happy if you let me know. :^)

The only Dragons I really knew during my previous life were my Dragon parents, there was one other Dragon where memories indicate may have taught me some things but that was only when I was a really little Dragon.

I didn’t want you to start a flame war, but I sure didn’t want this to happen.

pounds forehead on monitor

What do you mean? Nothing bad happened.

Your previous life must have been lonely.

Here’s one I made while I prepared to chicken out of having the dragon drawings published:

And todays attempts:
Some punk trying to look tough
A squirrel
Muff Potter from the Tom Sawyer book, digging up a grave

Your previous life must have been lonely

With all the attention and love and being together for my entire previous life between me and my Dragon parents, I don’t have feeling that I was lonely all the time, though I have feeling it could’ve been nice to have had Dragon siblings in what I see in your words, though I can’t change the past.

If I were you I’d refrain from posting drawings making fun of possibly disabled people. (No offense intended here whatsoever)

do you think your feeble drawings can capture as much strength and raw sexual power as contained in the orginal super-wu images…i laugh at you…the wu is…the wu will always be king of them all…

the greatness, the ability, the talent, the ability to make erotic eye contact with females… beware the power of the wu … mockery will not be tolerated…

watch your back rod…watch that back…

super greatness

hahaha, I was beginning to miss you Super Wu-Man.

Thank goodness for small mercies…or huge ones in Wu’s case.

Don’t worry about the past, look forward to the future. :^) It may bring little dragons for you to play with. Although they may turn out to have human form, just like you.

No offense intended on my part either.
This isn’t meant as a derogation, but a tribute to one of the original personalities of this forum. Yes, it is a little ridiculing, but it wouldn’t be a caricature if it wasn’t. And how else could I draw the cool concept of a cyborg dragon without being seen as a CD fanboy? :^)

@The Wu-man
It’s an honour having you visit my humble thread! I crawl in front of your greatness.

I wish I had more time to put on these.

freeality- hey man, yeah i really miss everyone on blenderartists too, and i wish i really had more time to spend on blender art and hanging around the forums, but work and females come first haha, so until blenderartist turns into a cute romanian girl with big breasts i will proably be away for awhile, haha, keep up the great work, you have the respect of super greatness himself! haha! peace

Rodicul- i love the artwork man, haha, and i think i know who you are, your from sweden? do you still talk to Dee?

Well I have been told my Dragon parents are waiting in heaven to be re-united with me when I die. There may be Dragons to play with up there too.

I could see how my current human parents don’t believe in this and they go up there after dying before I do and see them (my Dragon parents) and go O.o

Ha, that’ll be a party…your human parents meet your dragon parents…

Thats just a good time.

Well the one who told me these things say I could end up switching between human and Dragon form a lot up there as he doesn’t think there’s true limits on what form you’re in. I’ll probably be in Dragon form when with my Dragon parents.

Now the first thing to prove (and thus is the foundation) that one has a Dragon soul eventually is getting biblical proof that animals have souls, and I’ve seen pages from respectable Christian figures that suggest animals have souls and goes to heaven.

Now seeing this you conclude that Dragons would have souls too, and God may have a special plan for some animals which could even mean putting them in human bodies as the Bible is totally blank on that.

Yeah, there is a striking lack of Dragon Lore in the Bible…