Some drawings

Hey, I haven’t posted on here for awhile so I thought I should! take a look!

There all done in Photoshop except the bus was done with a pencil, and all of the Photoshop ones took about 5-30 min to draw and the bus took about 3 hours.

Thought I would edit this so don’t have to search through my thread to see my images:

My whale:

A Aardvark:

Droid Thing:

Self portrait:
The Beetles:
Pointillism bear:
First Vector art creation:
A gun
NEW snowy mountains:

Hydralisk (wip):

Imageshack slideshow:

Nice, keep them coming…

another drawing I found:

This was my first drawing with my new Wacom Intuos 4 :smiley:

All your images are so cool I would want to have them saved as my desktop images. Well done!

do u play warcraft?!?!? one of those is super familiar

Hey glad you like them kbot.

No I don’t play Warcraft if your talking about the character then i just sorta made him up as I went (I did play Starcraft).

Loonie Toon, You have a Wacom Intuos 4!!! :eek:

I have Genius G-Pen F610, wich is about the same (except or some features that the Wacom has), but I what I really, really, really want is a Wacom Cintiq (& a 6D Art Pen maybe), but it is just TOO expensive :spin: , I can’t afford it!! (That’s one of the reasons why I use Blender, I can have the Latest version of a very powerfull 3D software completely FREE :evilgrin: MUAHAHAHA!!!)

Anyway, right now I’m trying to make something like a “Wolf with Anime Eyes” in Corel Paiter X (I just Love the Anime Style), & maybe I’ll show it here when I’ts finished (It might take a while though, I’m only 15 years old, I still go to Highschool, but I’ll try to make it quickly so you all can see it)

Hey Paragon,

go ahead and post it I also agree Cintiqs are much to expensive. Also age doesn’t matter I am 16 and in high school

New drawing:
Broken link look below
I was trying to make ship/drone type concepts and learn how to draw metal.

Hee Hee, I like the drawing Loonie Toon. :yes:

You know, I kinda invented a way to make things look metallic (It works with pencil, at least), it’s based on two simple “rules”:

1. Neither the Brightness (specularity), nor the shadows must be “attached” to the edges.
2. The changes from Specular to Diffuse & to shadows must be somewhat “violent”, not too gradual.

I don’t know if I expressed myself correctly (I made those “rules” is Spanish, you see :slight_smile: ), But it should be something like this:

Did this in about 20 - 30 mins in Painter.

Well, like I said, It works better with a pencil, & I’m still learning how to use Painter.
If you have any questions, just ask me :smiley: .

Wow, that ship drone thing is schweeet! I just have a Wacom sapphire and I cannot find the right settings to put it on to get my brushes to flow. What size of canvas do you usually use, in pixels?

Paragon: cool

Mad Hatteur: I just have my wacom pressure setting on default, and if you haven’t get the drivers for it there great.

I use around 1024 x 512 usually, but sometimes when I need extra space I go to 1024 x 600, 700.

edit Recently I have been using rather large canvas sizes around, 1024 x 1024

Hmm seems my link somehow broke…

here’s a different link of it:

I tried to draw a whale:

I do not think I am done with it I don’t really like it that much, but I will keep working on it. Also I think the perspective is a bit messed.

Did some more work:

still not done.

Wooooooow… …A Whale… …Cute… …I Like it… …;)…

I finally finished my “Wolf” :yes: . Well, actually I finished It on Saturday, but my computer doesn’t have Internet so I have to steal my sister’s, but I can do it only when she’s not home to kick me out of her room :stuck_out_tongue: .
& like it wasnt enough, there was a small earthquake early this morning (4:47am, 5.3), awfully close to where I live :eek: , & now the Internet is a little slow, but because of it I got out of school earlier today :smiley: .

But well, enough of my boring chat, here it is (Scaled down, the original was twice the size: 1920x1080):

Well, when I finished the wolf, I couldn’t figure out what to do with the background :spin: , I was about to leave it white, but then it looked too empty, so I just made a lot of random strokes with the airbrush & then I made a white border so that it looks as if she were glowing :D.
For practical purposes, just focus on the eyes & ignore the background :yes: .

Paragon: nice wolf, you should get a router and ethernet cable or wireless internet so you both can have internet.

even though it could use more work i am just gonna say i am done.

quick sdc (speed drawing challenge) today here it is:!2.jpg

heres the thread if your interested in that:

Cooool (now the whale has eyes :wink: )
I definitively like this “plants” better that the first ones (“Alga”, Sorry, I don’t know how it’s called in English :o )

I didn’t know there was such thing as a “Speed Drawing Challenge” :eek: , how does that work?, you just sign in & you have 1/2 hour to post a drawing?, How long did it take you to make that “Armadillo”(Is it?)?.

I’ve thought of that, many times; but everytime I think of it, I also think that my comuter is already too darn slow & having Internet would just make it even slower :spin: (specially because of the antivirus :stuck_out_tongue: ), besides it has a virus that is completely useless without Internet. I’ve thought of reformating, but first I have to have to salvage all valuable data, meaning, I need another Pendrive or a lot of CDs (Reads DVDs but can’t “burn” one. Pathetic, uh? :no: ), & I have neither of them

PD:btw, mind if I ask were are you from?:smiley:

Hey paragon, its just a underwater plant called “kelp”. To start a speed drawing challenge you should look at this link: you will need a IRC client to talk to people in a SMC(speed modeling challenge)/SDC channel, I use this IRC client I don’t know if your using windows or not though.

The drawing took me about 30 minutes to draw, and I live in Canada, Victoria, British Columbia.

Kelp… …hmmm, well, I looked for the “general” name in a dictionary & it says “Seaweed”, but I think I’ll stick to “Underwater Plant” :yes:

Interesting, I thought most people used Windows :confused: . Well, at least were I live (near Caracas, Venezuela) is rare to see someone with a Mac, so far, I’ve seen them only in stores (& they’re quite expensive here), what I do see a lot are the iPod & iPhone :yes: .
About that “IRC”, I looked for it on Wikipedia, but I still don’t quite get what it is :spin: . Anyway, I don’t think my sister will let me have one, she doesn’t even want me to open a messenger account (cause then it will be me kicking her out, at least until I get a faster computer :wink: )

The whole 30 minutes?, it was because of the background, right? you said in the SDC that you had some kind of an accident & the one you posted wasn’t the finished one. Well, yesterday I had some kind of “frenzy” & I started voting on all those threads, but when I got to that one I couldn’t decide, I liked the three; I think I voted for you at the end :wink:
Have you gotten into any other SDCs or SMCs?