Some Dyntopo Sculpts with Cycles Fake SSS.

this one maybe looks a little to happy. :slight_smile:
Blender dyntopo, Cycles Fake SSS.
HDR from HDR Labs.
(Oh and textile material is from Meta-acondro’s sp? .blend file that he posted at BA a month or so ago, there is one at blend swap too… i think it has the textiles in to also.)
right click view image to see full.

This one, i sculpted with Dyntopo, but exported the face and teeth to MeshMixer and vertex painted it
then exported it back as a .ply i used the vertex Col attribute Mul over the diffuse…
Vertex painting in blender is SLOW, at least in my computer… also MeshMixer you can Vertex paint with Brush textures.
click for full

just testing out mixing Blender Internal hair and Cycles Fake SSS
some post with Gimp for shadows, know i missed some around the arm of the glasses…
HDR from HDR Labs again.

Right click view image to see full.

Cycles Fake SSS, Blender Internal test composting in Smoke…

Env created by me this time. :smiley: “His name is meaty Fingers” i know they look ugly…
dont wanna mess with um anymore… i call it finished. :wink:

Just nitpicking, “Cycles faked SSS” is not true, actually it is real SSS, not faked, if it based by Agus3D ray length data and keep energy conservation rule and attenuation = exp(- ray_length*sigma). BI SSS is faked, as is just blur along curved surface as post-pro filter.

well lets put it like this a “Cycles unofficial SSS Shader” :wink:

Your pictures went away…