Some edit buttons gone, and moddeling of blueprints


I’ve got two problems.

1: the old blender has buttons to show the texspace of objects, to show the axis and wireframe/shaded in the edit buttons menu. I can’t find them anymore. Where have they gone?

2: I was looking for it because I need it for modelling a car off a blueprint. I have several views of the car. I can’t use the backgroundimage option, because then I would have to put all the perspectives in one image, which is distracting. My idea was to create a few mesh-planes with the blueprints UV-textured on them. The problem here is, that they are only visible in texture-shading-view. Is there a way to see those textures, but still have the car transparent? I like to use the draw faces option, which makes faces in edit mode turn blue. The wireframe option the old blender has could do this if I’m not mistaking, but what am I to do now? Is there perhaps a better way?

Thanks in advance



I just noticed that surfaces can’t color the faces, since they have none :). That makes my question for a better way then wireframe draw more valid :slight_smile:

  1. Look in the Object buttons (F7)

  2. Set the Drawtype (in the Object buttons) to Wire.


Whoops, I should have looked a bit further. Thanks

But still, is there a better way to model of a blueprint than this?

But still, is there a better way to model of a blueprint than this?

Yeah, use View Properties and set a gackground image. You can have different backgound images for different windows. I suggest you split the view up into as many bluprints you have, and add a different one to each window.

The other way is like you suggested, to use a textured plane in Textured mode with the car you are modeling set to Wire drawtype.

I delfinitely suggest the first option though. It is very good.

I didn’t know every view had a different background image, thanks for the tip. But it has another problem, and an inconvienience.

The problem: The background image is only visible in the preset views. When you move your view around, the image dissappears. The blueprint has four perspectives: front, side, rear, top. Blender only supports front, side and top. When I move the view 180 degrees around Y, the image dissappears, because of the aforementioned reason… Is there any way I can add a new view to the three standard views for example? Any other solution?

The inconvienience: I have four very small editting windows :slight_smile:

You can view your objects @180 deg by hitting Ctrl-7 instead of 7 and you can view any window full-size with Ctrl-Uparrow. Get back with the same combo.


You know, I should really get to know all those shorcuts. I asume they are all described in the 2.3 manual? I’m still awaiting the delivery.

But thanks, I can get going now :slight_smile: