Some emitted particles merge together - collision settings?


Ive created a particle system where I have some modelled bullets being emitted from a cube falling down onto a plane.

The trouble is some of the bullets are falling into each other, merged together, etc. Please see the picture.

I’ve looked around the forums and the general feeling is that Blender only has collision constraints on spherical objects. But it was an old post and I didn’t know whether this had been fixed, and that I may be missing something.

I have set physics and particle system settings and played about with them, as you do, to try and sort it but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.



That is true, long tube like objects do not work well in that situation. Convert all the particles to real objects via the Make Duplicates Real menu option then make them all Active Rigid bodies. You will also have to make other static objects Passive Rigid bodies to insure correct collision.