Some espresso anyone?


I’ve been playing around with blender for something like two years, mainly as a hobby and not always very successfully :slight_smile:
But this weekend I did some smaller models for another thread (complex space animation) and actually I really liked the espresso maker I did for the guys. This picture is also the first Yafaray render I did (setting it up via the awesome photorealistic kitchen tutorial). As it is finished I thought I’d like to share it with you.
As I based it off a real machine, I uploaded that reference from the web as well.

C&C is very welcome!!




looks nice!

oh my that is beautiful work

Yeah nice stuff.

thanks guys! It’s nice to be appreciated!
I’m now trying to get materials to be more like in the reference. but I’m not sure about the workflow. Also the materials are all shiny and reflective even though there is nothing in the scene to reflect, apart from themselves. The lighting gives me a very mediterranean clue, so maybe I will go a little bit in that direction…
What do you think?

This machine would fit in any advertisement just fine.Excellent renders!

ver nice, I really like the lightning

Even though this is in the finished projects, I would like to update my picture. My only excuse is that I didn’t realise it wasn’t finished.
Again this is rendered in Yafaray using loads more photons and basically cranking up all options. Postpro done in Gimp.
But I also did some more modeling as it developed to a small scene: an empty apartment and coffee for two. I think it has a nice and lazy sunday feel to it and I really like it much better now.
Alas, the quality took a serious hit while converting it from HD to a smaller jpeg.

I hope you like it and welcome comments and criticism!



Looks nice. I like the coffee in the cup.

It’s really great. I like it very much.

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That’s a really fine model… with nice materials on the object itself… But just the wood texture on the floor doesn’t good.

It’s some great work, but it’s just strange that someone would let a coffee machine on the ground.

The wood planks are a bit too big imo. The cups are a bit too small.

About the machine itself, it has some different from your ref (Some part too small, some other not enough curved, etc.), but it’s not so bad tho :slight_smile:

thanks for your nice comments!
I redid the outline of the machine to make it more nicely curved and also to try out a better mesh as such (the other one was unneccessarily high-poly. and felix, you are right the scales do not really work that nicely. at the moment I’m in the process of rescaling it all to real-world sizes and building a nice room around it.

the reason the machine is on the ground is that I’m currently moving and in a way this picture says that even though that is always a stressful time, there can be some quality time after all :slight_smile: