Some Explanation

When using procedurals (and possibly when not, I haven’t looked), it seems to me that they have a definite ‘focal distance’.

What I mean by this is that at a certain distance, such a material looks really quite amazing. I’m looking at the moment at the Bronze Voroni from the Materials Repository. However, when I move this object closer or further away, it all goes wrong and looks appalling. The textures look horribly stretched, and appear much bigger than they should (more ‘spaced out’ across the object.)

Why does this happen? What’s causing it to do that? I don’t know how they work but I assume the procedural algorithm generates an image, which is mapped onto the object. Why would this image be stretched at one distance, and not at another?

I need this object of mine to whizz onscreen from one corner and zoom off into the distance. How do I make the texture ‘stay put’ across the surface?

would be nice to see that
never seen that before with a procedural text yet
but let’s have a look


Some textures like clouds can have a noise depth up to 6, meaning you can get closer in without looking ugly.

You’d usually offset the scaling problem by bringing in textures with a smaller noise size, and smaller, and smaller, until you have good detail for the maximum zoom you’re going to do.

Ricky: you misunderstand, there’s nothing to do with text. I’m merely asking about the way textures appear at different focal distances. I’ll upload some pics at the next available opportunity, but it’s a simple to see thing. Just assign a material to an object and notice how it looks like pig when close to the camera.

CyborgDragon: thanks for the tip. Are there similar features on other procedurals? Specifically Voronoi in this case. I’ll confess to being slightly intimidated by the whole materials setup, and so I haven’t done much tweaking.