Some exteriors

Hi there,

Long time without any post, so I thought I could share some blender modellings rendered with Octane. Rendering time varied from 40 min to 4 hours depending on the scene, the view or lighting.

The scene was exported using the Blender to Octane exporter.


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Those are wonderful.

I’m digging the very stylised realism you’ve got going on here. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or just a draw back of the Octagon renderer.

Perhaps it is the odd DOF which is giving these renders such a fairy story feel to them, it’s difficult for me to pin point what i find odd about these renders.

Other than that, fantastic as usual. :slight_smile:


what amazing renders!

did you try SLG ?

impressive! this should get on to the banner too! 610, 611 , 612 look phenomenal, but 613 suffers from too much blurryness and the leaves in the front look like they hover?

This is very nice! You wouldn’t possibly consider putting up a blend file? Would be awesome to see how you have done it!:smiley:

beautiful. my only (envious) crit would be the big tree trunk’s material, a tad shiny, imho, and the window materials, but the overall look is gorgeous

i hope you post one of your great comparisons (octane vs yafaray or luxrender?) and/or some insight on octane. thnx

Fantastic renders and five stars from me.

Bah! You shouldn’t upload pictures you took, and claim them as renders! :eek:

Woooow!!! Ok… I really have to try the octane renderer!!! Amazing!! For me something for the gallery!

Wow! These are amazing!

Really it’s amazing work you have done. The color combination and shading are done very nice. Great work…Keep it up!

Very photorealistic looks. Nicely done! :slight_smile:

Bah! You shouldn’t upload pictures you took, and claim them as renders!

It’s hard to believe these aren’t photos. Very well done!

I like that there’s a vine with some extra leaves climbing up the tree in picture 613.jpg. Makes it seem sort of more alive.

Very nice!

All the images are beautiful. The grass sometimes not perfect but everything other are at dream!

Tapatalk-kal küldve az én SGP611-el

Wow, thats really impressive - very detailed, too.

These scenes are unbelievably realistic. Truly amazing.