Some Eye Candy

Hey, been a while since I’ve posted on BA, and just thought I’d share something I came up with today with the Community.

My computer’s video card sucks. It can support GLSL, but this demo runs about 15fps without bloom and about 2 fps with bloom. This limits what I can put in here, but I’ve been trying to create a believable scene and I think I’ve finally made something close.

This little scene uses just a few things: Texture Stencils, Normal Mapped Animated Water, and optional bloom.

Press P to start it,
Press space to activate Bloom (Slows down game a LOT)

And just because I was having a little fun with it,
1 deletes the water
2 restores the water.

And Here’s the Download.

Hope it works!

Fun!.. But it would be great if the water was reflective… sigh

I know. I just had a couple of hours today and threw some stuff together. I’ll work on the water.

looks good… scale the grass texture, it’s a little big, and make another stencil for the edge of the water.

Anybody got a script that takes a picture every frame and saves it? I know Mpan3 had one out there a while back, but I can’t find the file.

40fps on me? Wow, it’s really efficient… nice job, I like everything except the water needs reflection ;p. Everything else is wicked awesome!

Looks great. You should give the water an environment map.

I get 59.999 FPS. I think there is a cap at 60 FPS.

I got a thread with one of those scripts:

The terrain looks good but the water needs some work.