Some face normals are upside down (not reversed!)

I’m trying to figure out how to deal with an issue where some of the face normals are “upside down”. They are not reversed, just upside down. I’m using 2.75 btw. Is there a way to “roll” or rotate face normals on what it thinks X and Y axis are?

This is the same problem reported here:

You can see the block on the right has some normals on the face that are upside down - the y axis is upside down.

In other cases (different face) the face normal is turned 90 degrees. In all cases the normals are facing outwards. Ctrl+N doesn’t do anything. Recreating the face doesn’t change things either (e.g. deleting the face and selecting the vertices again [in different order, etc] doesn’t change the normal rotation)

The bug that was opened in the above post was closed since blender team felt it more dealt with the fact that Shift+7 used normal “up” instead of world up.


This addon is maybe what you looking for. Once you download it open it in a text editor and where it says ‘GRAB_POINTER’ change it to ‘GRAB_CURSOR’ so it can be enabled.