Some Faces Appearing Dark

I am modeling some walls, and in the normal 3D viewer, some of them are appearing darker than others (with openGL solid draw type). I recalculated the normals so all face outside, so I don’t think thats it.

also, this is in blender 2.49, and here’s an image. The areas I’m talking about are marked with yellow arrows.


Have you applied Set Smooth to these faces?. If you have, that will give this darkening, you need to set them as set solid. You can do this on the object or face level.

I’ve been getting the same problem on everything I model now… never happened before, so I have no idea what causes this.

Also, my program has been acting a little weird in the past few days and it’s driving me insane! Nothing major, just little things like it’ll collapse the mesh selection to the center when scaling something in maximum zoom… stuff like that. :confused:

If you have a problem attach an example blend file so other users can help you out

select the object in object mode and click Set Solid

Yep, that fixes it (works in Edit mode, too). Thanks. :smiley:

Glad to help :).

I can’t explain it, but I will suggest deleting the face and re-drawing it (Select Vertices -> Face-key)
also try highlighting the object and toggling ‘set smooth’ ‘set solid’
That problem is very random, I experience it all the time, but the above seems to fix it mostly.

The set solid worked for me as well, thanks all for the help =D

In case you are wondering why this happens when you use smooth shading, it is because blender is trying to average the normals over a corner that is too sharp.