Some faces brigher than others

Hello, I am a beginner at this, and I usually model without some sort of a system. Add items randomly, extrude etc. etc… This usually leaves mess in my projects. However, this time, something weird happened. I havea lot of models, which are brighter than the other ones. In the render, they are a lot brighter also, even without any lighting added. I ll post pics, you ll be able to see it. I would appreacite every try for help. THanks.

Try checking if you have any vertex colors on one of your meshes that are acting weird. This happened with me 1nce. Delete the vertex color if there are any.

Check your normals are all pointing the right way.

I notice some objects have a material applied with a texture called “Dark_mou…” This texture isn’t by chance your background image?

Haha:D I was stupid for not going throught the project more carefully before asking for help. This did the thing. Thank you a lot for helping :slight_smile:

Flipped normals are usually a lot more darker in the non rendered view. I accidently applied the background material to some of the objects. Thanks for helping though :slight_smile:

Thx for the answer. The error was actualyl that I accidently applied the background material to some of the objects lol :D.