some faces of mesh stay white

hey folks… hope you can help:

i created a mesh, unwrapped it and painted a texture. it rendered fine and all looks ok. then i decided to modify the mesh and added some new geometry by joining a new object to the existing one. i unwrapped the new faces to some free space in my uv-map and reloaded the texture. the problem is: all new faces stay white in preview and render. the rest of the mesh is textured.

i think it has to do something with my vertex groups but i cant figure out what to do. if i extrude faces from the original mesh it works but all new geometry (joined object) stay white. what can i do?

oh forgot… blender version 2.49b

As for 2.49b I can’t help much cause now I only have 2.53, but I guess your issue also happens to me in 2.53. Try to select all faces and unwrap again, and associate the texture again in the UV Editor. In case you can’t ruin all work you’ve already had, select only the faces appearing white. Apparently this is just a common re-assignment issue, which Blender doesn’t do automatically.

thanks for your reply!

got my problem solved: i selected all faces and created a new image in the uv-editor. after that i opened my texture image again. after that all faces are assigned correctly … i wonder why a reload didnt do the job.

If those white faces don’t appear when you render, then a re-assignment of the image in the UV Editor will fix this for the 3D View as well.

I just had this same problem. None of the solutions here worked. But what did work was I had not realized that some of the faces had the normals facing the wrong way. Flipping them worked.