Some faces showing black (but not all) when they should be textured

Just started having a problem (Blender 2.6) were some of my faces are not displaying correctly when i render or am just viewing it. I have check all the normal and they are good.

When i apply a texture to it, the color does not come through it just shows black, but if i turn on normals they will display in the correct areas.

Thanks for any ideas.

From what i see in this picture, it is actually natural, because you’re in Textured display.

If there’s a light when you are in Textured display, the 3D View will use it, and your light is apparently a Sun lamp that is pointing exactly down the ground, it will then illuminate face oriented “up” and will put in dark shadows the faces that are not oriented toward “up”.

To see your textures correctly when in Textured view :

  • delete all the lights from the scene, so Textured view will not use any and will display shadelessly
  • use other light sources or rotate the sun orientation until you see faces becoming illuminated etc…

ah, I see what i was doing wrong now. i did not realize that the sun was pointing straight down. i changed it to a point light it fixed the problem (or rotated the sun). I thought a sun lamp would radiate in all directions.

Thanks for the help that was driving me batty.