Some finished renders

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted any of my 3d stuff here for a while, so I’m interested in getting some crits on how to improve my style.

I am 100% finished with these renders so I will not be modifying them. But I’m still interested in hearing what could be improved.


Alien Sculpture

The train won’t run without an engineer…or will it?

Thanks for viewing. I’d love to hear what you think :slight_smile:

hey, some nice renders :slight_smile: i also think there funny

but on the second render i think everyting is a to bright and a too high specularity on the rock where the blue things are in and also on the grey round things, or is this intended?

Thanks roelant :slight_smile:

On that second one, I was toying with 2 different approaches to composition. I made this scene for a weekend challenge and ran out of time and ideas before coming to a ‘good’ conclusion on composition. So what you see is basically a mix of 2 composition ideas and it didn’t turn out very good.

ah ok, I see

if you dont mind i also got a question: how dit you make the background immage on that second render also with blender?

and after seeing them agian 1 litte critic :p:
at the last render it looks like the weels are loose from the trains body?

The background image on second render was made in MyPaint and GIMP. So not in Blender. :yes:

For the application (silly cartoony feel), I found no need to attach the train wheels to the body.

As toon renders they are quite good, but i’ll give you some tips about rendering.
-Ambient occlusion gives a nice uniform base lighting and gives more definition to your models by making cavities darker
-Highly saturated colours might be good for toon renders but try to not overuse them, also dont use pure red, green, blue, yellow, cyan or magenta, always make them at least slightly impure.
-Try to find a slightly unique font for your text objects, the default one isn’t very toony:p Also you can give a bevel to your text as well as an extrusion to make nicer edges
That’s about it… Hope you find at least some of the advice useful…

About fonts, how do I do this? I see the place where you load them, but where would I find fonts? That was the biggest thing bugging me about the train scene. Boring text. Also when I beveled the text the “c” was all messed up. Had to scrap that.

AO, yes I need to remember to use that more.

Thanks so much for the tips Jorzi :slight_smile:

fonts (assuming you’re on windows)

basically, the main issue is n00bism :stuck_out_tongue:
no offense, but if you fooled around with values besides the color and the amount of specularity, that would help.
like different shaders, raytracing (yes, it’ll take longer)
also, more modeled detail wouldn’t hurt (it rarely does)

Thanks for the tips Tug :slight_smile:

Sadly I’m on Ubuntu so…windows fonts won’t help. Any such thing for Linux?

Noob? As I said before, these renders were meant to be toons. So not much messing about with anything other than basic colours and spec. That being said, I still need to get into habit of using more AO, to learn better composition with nodes and to learn better lighting.

right, google ubuntu install fonts. you can use loads, pretty much the same as windows!

on your images, they look very garish. try using colour schemes to help illustrate what your puting across to us as onlookers.
ie. in the train one ‘come back’ is angry so perhaps using a red colour scheme would be good?

also try to use ao, reduce specularity and stray away from default plastic materials.

next, composition… try to never use a centered composition, opt more for an off center and perhaps make use of rule of thirds or some other tried and tested composition.

hope this helps.

the ideas behind the images are good, but the image has yet to catch up with the idea, keep at it :slight_smile:

Thank you Charlie :slight_smile: That helps.