Some finished works

I found some old renders. Renders were made for forum contests.


Sry bad english.


Shouldn’t they be under Finished Projects?

they’re ok… You used only two textures for the floors, but i guess it doesn’t matter cause the renders were made for contests…

Btw, where are you from? Your name is interesting when translated to macedonian!

From Finland.

(btw. what troska means in macedonia? i got the idea for nick from game character victor troska from ofp resistance)

It means bread crumb.:smiley: (or just crumb…)

hmh… I though that it troska means something dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the ring the best - only let down by the floor texture.

I knew you’re from finland because that uncle scrooges “palace” is signed “RA” and that is Roope Ankka which is finnish and means uncle scrooge :slight_smile: Nice works!

Thanks for the comments!

By the way Haluaisitko antaa tuon kultakoukeromikäonkaan-höskän tekstuurin. koska kulta näyttää pirun hienolta siinä!