Some (first) Image

Hi to all,
I’m new to the forum and I using blender for a very short time.
I hope this is the right section.
I am very happy with this powerful sw, very versatile and really complete.
I make some images to take dimistics and confidence with the tools, just for fun…

It’s clear that you put a lot of work into those headphones. I really like the stitching, think it looks fantastic. However, I think that there’s something subtly off with the bump for the ear muffs. A gaussian blur on the bump, or maybe just running the height through a square root to soften the curve, might improve it. I don’t think it needs any work, but if you’re inclined to do more, that’s what I would work on first.

The house looks very good. It could use a few irregularities. In the second housing picture, something about the big window seems off. It looks like you can see right through the walls behind it. This might have something to do with an unfortunate angle, with weird Fresnel, or maybe with problems with the house’s intetrior lighting.

Hi Bandages, Thank you for your valuable advice.
These works were done just to begin to understand the node editor of Blender, to test and experiment.
Glass has always been my Achilles’ heel… :frowning:

Here, other images.