Some FPS Questions !

Hey, i’m new and i have some questions about FPS games in Blender.

-i’m trying to make a simple little FPS Game and with my gun, whenever i try to give my bullet some physics, the bullet whirls away right when it touches another solid! (my bullet is a simple cube).

-Another problem, i’m trying to make a house as well but when i go inside it, its see through. o.O as if the walls disappear when i walk in.

-And i need to know a way how to limit how far you can look down

-Also another thing is how exactly do i put in-game textures, I managed to add grass, but it wont work for anything else… Help will be appreciated =D

i have searched for hours on end and didn’t find any answers,(Social’s temp hasnt helped me much either) so thanks!

Well, as everybody keeps telling me, ask one question at a time.

Textures in the GE? Read the wiki on uv mapping a texture to a mesh. Then you can see it in the GE.

See thru walls? Well if your house is a box with only one plane for the walls, instead of two planes/boxes, then you will see thru the wall on one side, the side opposite the normals.

You can make it two side, but then it will have the same texture on both sides.

The bullet? well dont use dynamics and use drot/dloc instead to control it… but there are better ways Im sure.

How far you can look down? if you are using a script then you limit it there within the code based on the angle, you know cant go past 0 degrees.

if you are using logic bricks, I dont know, i would have to think about it. Im not sure how you track the location and stop the roll on that axis, or limit it.

There are some links for noobs in the file below.

I know I didnt help you much, but hope you can get started on some things until others pass through.

You can use an ipo to look up and down. Just set it up to play all the way from the lowest position up, and play it using a int property. Left and right should still use a motion actuator.

Oooo. Thanks ititrx, you acually did help a lot but how can i control the bullet by loc/rot? i have a motion actuator for .50 dloc. so if i take off the dynamics it shoots at a constant rate regardless of the collision and i want the bullet to have physics so can you help me out?
And thanks too magnum, i’ll try that =D sounds easy enough, any more help will be greatly appreciated. =D

Not sure why you’d have to disable dynamics… could do a logic brick to have the bullet disappear once it hits an object if you want…