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PDF utilitties

PDF 995
PDF creator :slight_smile: - pretty good free one.

Yeah, I use PDFCreator every day at work. I like that it doesn’t put any watermarks on the PDF, which PDFfactory does. And as far as OpenOffice, for some reason when I try exporting a doc as a PDF on my computer, it looks all screwed up, so I just use PDFCreator instead…

Another program I use is Jarnal, it lets you write notes on a PDF, great for adding comments or drawings. It’s open source too.

I’ve used OpenOffice for PDF creation on both 32 and 64 bit Linux, and Windows extensively, and haven’t had any problems. What version of OpenOffice are you running? What’s the problem?

CutePDF Writer is also quite neat & easy to use. It adds an extra printer that prints PDF files. It means that you can use any text editor (or other software that you can print from) to create PDF files.

It’s not very advanced but it can handle active html links etc…

The most powerfull is this PDF Printer.