Some Function similar like Loft Extrusion

Hello everybody, i have heard from a loft extrusion from the 3dsmax. i saw this page: Click here These Extrusion is quite interesting. You create a Spline which is the track (such as for a road) and then you create another spline which has the profile of the road. then you make a loft extrusion. that means that the profile is copied in definid spaces into the spline. what you get is very fine. you get a model which has your track. now you can unwrap it and you have get a small track. is there a way to do the same thing also in blender? regards oxygene

I think the closest thing to lofting in Blender is to use the extrude object and taper object along a curve.
I am attaching a BLEND file to demonstrate.

Reset Blender.
Delete Cube.
Create a Bezier Curve and scale it up a bit and rename it to loft-path
Create a Bezier circle and rename it to loft-shape.
Create another Bezier Curve and rename it to loft-contour.

Select the loft-path and press F9 to bring up the editing panels.
Under Curve and Surface TAB you will see two fields near the bottom. Bev and Taper.
In the BEV field type loft-shape.
In the Taper field type loft-contour.
That is all there is to the setup. Now you can re-shape the BEV and TAPER objects as you see fit and the loft-path will change based upon your edits.

What 3DSMax offers that Blender does not is that it can use a series of BEV objects while Blender can only do a single BEV for the entire loft path. In Max you can loft through a cricle, for the first 50% of the path, then loft into a square for another 25% and the finish up by lofting through a triangle.

In Blender, you can use the TAPER object to approximate the lofting through a series feature that Blender does not support yet.

I hope this helps.


like_loft.blend (195 KB)

Thank you!! I got my extrusion working. but how can i convert this object now into polygones. i cannot select a polygone directly if i created this extrusion

@ Atom

what do you mean by Taper ?
is this the new Taper modifier in 2.48?



To convert a nurbs object, use alt c. It might be best for you to create a copy first - that way you can easily get back to the original shape if you need to.

Best of Luck!

Thank you very much. All works perfectly :wink:

How About Seamless Texture Along The Curve(…road)?


Taper is kind of like a lathe template for the bevel shape as it traverses the curve. I think it has been in Blender for a while?