Some generel questions - selecting vertices, link objects

Hey there!

There are a few simple things that I haven’t figured out in Blender yet.

  1. How do I DEselect vertices? With the BKEY tools I can only select them, and the AKEY deselects them all.

  2. How do I link objects / create instances? Useful for like, tires and stuff, things that all look the same and have the same material.

Thanks alot!

To deselect all press “A” or press “B” and click with the mouse wheel to deselect what you want

About linking…I didn’t understand…tell me more about it.

Ooh thanks for that! Middlemouse button huh…working fine, thanks a bunch!

About linking, I mean I want to create an instance of an object.

For example, if you want to model a car, all four tires are going to be the same (usually). So I want to create one tire mesh, model it to what I want it to look, and then create 3 more instances. Then, if I change the original mesh, the 3 other instances will be changed as well, without having to modify each tire.

Make sense?

Alt+D in Object Mode. The copies can be mirrored too (CTRL+M). Very useful when for example you’re modeling one half of a head.

If you already have the four tyres in place and don’t want to delete them and make them again with Alt+D, then you can select them and press Ctrl+L

Thank you guys alot, appreciate it!

Just to clarify: - Ctrl+D creates a true duplicate of an object. The duplicate is entirely separate from the original. (We have an entirely new Object and an entirely new ObData linked to it.) - Alt+D creates a new ObData block that is linked to the original Object block. So the Object block now has two (or more) distinct owners. Information (such as position) that is kept in the ObData area can be altered for the copy individually, while data from the Object record (such as materials and such) will be shared by all.

Don’t you mean Shift+D instead of CTRL+D? CTRL+D shows the applied texture as an outline :wink: