Some good tricks for beginners

So i’ve been doing some reading etc and trying to make a short film

so some tricks i’ve come across that i found out by acccident or through reading

The first is the edge ring select ctrl+alt+rmb (been looking for this for a long time)

found this out trying to select a loop shift+alt+rmb

The other is hitting the render icon like a mountain to do a quick render of your 3d view. This button is to the far right of the layers buttons

by hitting num 0 for camera view then ctrl+render icon you can render your animation from the 3D window instead of having to wait for a full render. This will show you almost instantly what your animation will look like without textures etc. Hopefully this will help some of ye on your way to making your art work

feel free to add others as i’m still learning too

There is another thread like this

better to use a 36 vertex circle then 32 (which is default).

Ah we have some input - happy days. I’m sure there is another thread but lets fresh it up a bit.

Waht about this one - in object mode and camera view - select the cam, hold LMB and drag a little till you see a grey line, then MMB and you can zoom into your model

Another cool camera trick is hitting Crtl-Alt-0 and it will align your camera to what you are seeing in the 3D port. And also try hitting Shift-F to enable fly mode. Use the MMB to adjust your speed and move your mouse to steer. It is great for getting pinpoint camera angles.

why’s that?

There is a variation to…

The first is the edge ring select ctrl+alt+rmb (been looking for this for a long time)

…which is ALT+RMB to select the rings in the other direction. Try both select modifiers out on a sphere and you will see what I mean.

I also use good ole SHIFT-C in a 3D window to reset the 3D-Cursor and View a lot.

A light versioning system: When using any save dialog pressing the + will append a version number to the filename or if a number is allready present it will increase it by one.
E.g. file0 becomes file1, file becomes file1

if you ever use spin, it works best with 36 (360 degrees), so you can remove doubles, better… If you use 36 and don’t think ahead it can end up ok anyways. I had remodel an air plane propeller :(.



Even with subsurf on you may find edit mode still slow due to fact that the mesh is still to complex for the system even with the subsurf turned off. You can speed up edit mode by selecting the area of verts (press B) you are most likely to work on then after your finished (ESC) pressing CTRL+I to inverse your selection and then going to the buttons tab and selecting hide. cool. And when you go back to object mode the other verts will still be there.

try to avoid extreeme values (0.7+) when creasing edges and instead attempt using edgeloops close together.

Everwanted to use the subsurf modifier backwards?, multiress is you answer.

are you still having to put up subsurf to some ridiculous level just to attain smoothness? makesure you have smooth clicked in the buttons window.

silly black areas apearing each time you subsurf, CTRL+N to recalculate your normals.

Particle and cloth systems taking long on subsurfed objects? re-arrange your modifier stack to make sure cloth, particle or any physics comes before subsurf! it hardly ever makes a noticable difference

want to get your girlfriend to stop nagging… working on that.

A great time saver I use a lot is Shift+P in the 3D view.

Up pops a box that looks like a normal buttons panel, and seems to be doing nothing… but wait a moment… and it does a preview render of whatever is inside the box.

You can drag the box to make it bigger too, or move it around the scene to render different areas.

Hi Dudebot. I’m just starting to work through some books on Blender, and was trying the Shift+Numpad 0 which it is claimed if you do, “the camera jumps directly to where you are viewing your model from”. For me, nothing happened. Then I tried your Ctrl-Alt-0 and it works fine, doing what I thought Shift-0 was supposed to do. Am I misunderstanding what the Shift-0 is supposed to do?


Just 0. No other keys.

My answers are sometimes a crap shoot.

My favorite convenience at the moment is NUM-. (period). It centers your working view & focal point on the current selection. Hoorah!