Some Guy

I saw on the main page that there was a contest for making a photo real render in Blender.
I am not going to enter into it, but they had some nice hi-rez images and I decided to try and model one of the heads.
This is the head I have got so far. The seem is just because I haven’t attached to the mirror copy yet, because I am still messing with the geometry.

This time I started with a plain and just modeled using the reference image and it was much faster for me than starting with a cube or sphere.

I took the image and made a texture for the head and used a program for the normal map.
His hair was covering a good bit of his ear so I had to draw that part and there was very little showing for his neck but I haven’t gotten around to fixing that yet. I might not do too much on that though since he will be wearing a shirt.
I started on a specular map but I haven’t finished it yet.
I created an eye texture from scratch and made another object for the lense.

I need to make hair but I haven’t spent too much time messing with the hair stuff so I will be spending a lot of time looking at tutorials and other people’s threads.

Then I need to work on the SSS to make it look more realistic. The first image is with SSS the second is just using Ramps.