Some Head

So I removed the first head, and started over. CC is greatly appreciated, don’t hesitate to say if something looks weird or so.

Latest update:



To be honest.
Your topology is really bad.

I think the loops are going to straight. You will have to make them rounder and maybe the easiest way to do it is to restart.

Try to make the loops flow in a more rounded way like this.

and it’s always easier to have a reference

I agree with mawi. I have topology problems too. I think the face is too flat. It looks like he tripped and fell one too many times. Good start, though.

Thanks for your replies. I agree, the topology is bad, I hope the second head I make will look better.

Maybe you can find some guidence on this site.

Nice, thanks for the link mawi.

I dumped the previous head and started modeling a girl instead. What do you think? The topology is better here I think… any suggestions?

An update. Here’s without wires. This is not the same update as the last post.

An update.
This time I did a little render, any suggestions on the model?

Much better then the one you posted yesterday.
The shape off the head is still a bit off. Are you using references?

I was in the beginning to form the basic shape of the head, now I’m just looking at some pictures. But yeah, anything in particular I should change?