some help with mirroring and joining

Hello there, well ive been busy doing little simple modeling stuff and i got into a problem when i started this. I go this off da blender magazine btw. Anyway im trying to make car rim and i ran into a slight problem with the spoke. I cant seem to mirror it properly because the “centre dot” is not at the place i want it to be, and i alos want to duplicate and rotate the spoke to make 4-5 of them in order to complete the whole thing.

How do i do this?


Tab to object mode and press the Center Cursor button in the Editing panel (F9) Mesh tab.

oh sweet az, thanks;)

Ok so i have the following completed. How do i make holes within the model, the tutorial says to use the “Boolean tools” and use difference, but it does work. rotated the the rod 5 times and played with the difference tool but still i couldn’t make holes on the base plate. I tried overlapping and going through the base plate with the rod and using “difference”:no:.

Is there any other way to pierce five holes within the base plate?

In order for the booleans to work, you might need to subdivide the base plate. The more verts you give the booleans the better. The way I make wheels is to actual start with the holes. That is, spin dup a circle 5 times, and then build faces around them to form the center of the wheel. Sometimes it is easier to model around a hole than to cut a hole into a finished mesh. At least for me.

ahh i see, thanks, more subdivisions helped. But i think ill go with your method, it gives a better cut around the edges of the inner circle than this one.

Cheers Thanks!:slight_smile: