Some houses

Hello Everybody,

i want to share our latest work on a serial house project in vienna.

Modeling, rendering (cycles, 1500 samples with denoising) and post was done in blender. Backgrounds from HDRI Heaven. We mainly used graswald and the groove for the vegetation, despite of a few plants, that where done with growfx.

Hope you like it, comments and critiques are very welcome…

Best regards, Markus


really cool. Just the perspective distortion is a little bit annoying.

Jarek D(DJ)

Thank you Jarek - hmm, will consider that on the next projects …

Nice! Very photorealistic.

incredible, could you show the before and after post fx ?

Here is the raw image…

In post we did:

  • Ambientocclusion
  • Withepoint correction
  • RGB curves
  • Lenseffects Glare + Streaks
  • Lens distortion
  • Vingnetting

so nothing fancy…


Hi. Which HDRI form heaven you use?


Nice work!
As mentioned earlier: try to avoid the perspective distortion next time.

hmm…didn’t realized that the lens distortion is so obvious…
Thanks, will take that in account on the next projects …

I think we are all “burned children” regarding this because architects hate the things a camera is doing with their holy creations. :grin:

hihihi…you caught the point…

Hey, quick question! I’m just sorta beginning to mess with Archviz (as a hobby) and I’m wondering if you could give some insight into what the ‘Perspective Distortion’ is that you’re seeing? My untrained eye doesn’t catch anything wrong with the photos, and I want to keep an eye out for it if it’s a common problem.


I double checked about the distortion, I was wrong! Sorry Markus!! :scream:
I think I was mislead by the low camera angle and the architecture of the second picture… it just looks distorted.

I was talking about avoiding perspective distortion regarding the vertical lines of buildings. They have to be aligned parallel to each other. It‘s a common problem when you place a camera pointing up to a building… Although it‘s physically correct architects don‘t like this.

…hmmm, well i applied lens distortion in post and also used a vertical shift to keep the vertical lines parallel. So maybe the lens distortion is working against the vertical shift. It seems that the combination of that, the low camera position and low focal length leads to something that is distracting…

It’s an optical effect when you are dealing with photography. I can’t give you an in deep explanation but in short: If you take a photograph, you get some distortions from the center out which makes straight lines to look as they are curved. I think it depends on the lens and the focal lenght you are using.
Just found that on wikipedia:

Nice work!
I’d really like to see a full tutorial / in depth look at the scene settings.