some info about wacom/tabblet

im thinking about buying a wacom but i don’t relay know anything about them
i donut need a pro tool just something better than my mouse relay mostly for painting textures just for hobby (don’t mean i want it to look like crap) something at the cheaper end would be better. its not sold where i live so i don’t have the freedom of looking around and asking questions and comparing for a suggested brad or something
don’t know if it matters but im using a dell laptop windows xp home and i have a bluetooth port i think some of the use that
I read something about them Graphire seems more for me but im not sure


Wacom is the No.1 whwn it comes to pen tablets. They have pro (intuos/cintiq) and consumer (graphire/volito) series of their products. Because of their name/brand/value wacom products are mostly much more expensive than tablets by lesser known companies. Important to know is:
What are you going to do with it? Do you just need a mouse replacement? How much are you willing to spend? How much control do you need? (pressure senitivity, pen angle et al)
The wacom stuff is quality wise really good (intuos - dunno about the others). Well there is no real competitor at all.
For example I own the A3 intuos3, but i knew that I would need a very good board because I mainly use it for drawing and painting digitally, so I went the extra money mile and spent about 250€ for it. Like you said you just want to do some “hobby” texture painting and similar stuff you might be finer with something more suitable for your purse…

Have a look at some other brands and pricings, in the end google will be your friend as always…


actualy, eaven the cheapest wacom can do the thing… :wink: esp if its mostly for hobby.

Buy quality. I originally had the same idea as krizu, got a cheap tablet because I was just doing it as a hobby, didn’t need professional grade equipment… The cheap tablet wound up gathering dust in the closet. It’s still there, in fact. The cheap tablet didn’t offer any more control than I had with the mouse, actually I could do better drawings with the mouse. I haven’t tried all the tablets on the market, once burned, twice shy, I guess. My second, and probably last tablet is a Wacom Intuos. With the Wacom, I can just pick up the pen and draw.

Thanks for the link krizu and info very useful, yeah i know Google is my friend
thanks to felix kutt and orinoco as well ill take these into consideration when buying one

I have a wacom Graphire 2 (about 3 years old, cheapest Wacom I could find). With a good paint program the pressure sensitivity really does allow you to make images that are just not as easy to make with a mouse.