Some inspiring words from an animator at Pixar

Hello all :smiley:

I found this while surfing the net and thought I would pass it along :slight_smile: It was written by Austin Madison, an animator at Pixar. It’s something I will keep and pull out whenever I hit those tough “writer’s block” times (or in this case artist’s block).

wow, PIXAR

I don’t believe it!

words to live by. :slight_smile:

I’m Going to print this out and put into the pillow i scream into when i have artists block. That way every time i do i will hear this paper crumble, read it, and persist…

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Thank you missmajor that is exactly what i needed to get through my current work.

No problem :slight_smile: I know I definitely needed it :smiley:

Well, it seems that writing skills don’t come with being good with graphics.

@@KyleR Great, Im gonna do it too.

Eating cucumber sandwiches helps my creativity, or getting drunk on Saturday night, same thing.

And as i always say: TO THE SOUNDLAB!!!


I’m going to persist even if people get annoyed with it!!!
You want me to stop blending? You try to make blending as boring as possible!!!
You want me to stop 3D stuff. Make it really boring.
You want me to stop writing music, you give me a reason.

Yeah I’m talking to you! No not you felloforum members youre doing fine. Yes you! Mr. Pessimist!
Box! Your stuff! Out the front door! Goodbye!

Hehehehehe :smiley:

Q: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

A: “Practice, man. Practice.”

That’s a great message. It’s so easy to assume that because someone “makes it” then they are sitting there churning out works of genius while sipping expensive lattes for hours a day. What I’m doing here has the potential to be big (not necessarily commercially, but creatively) and the pain/blocks/anguish is part of the process … but would nice to have less of that.