Some interesting Intel Blender benchmark tests

So lately I’ve been in the market for upgrading to a new workstation, So I’ve been doing some research and experimentation. Trying to find the best bang for the buck.
Processors tested:
Pentium M(single) 1.7ghz
Pentium D(dual) 3.4ghz
Intel Core2Extreme(dual) 2.9ghz

OK, This was the image benchmarked:

Its a blown up version of my F1 and Its got some artifacts but that doesnt really matter.
Rendered at Full 1280x1024 OSAx16

Now I 1st tested this out on my notebook:
Sony Vaio FS 1.7ghz(single core) Pentium M, 2ghz RAM, Intel 900 graphics card
The render time: 2hr 5m 15s

The other two tests were done on a HP XW4400 workstation, 2.5ghz RAM, Nvidia 8800GTS

Now here here is the cool part:
Render time on the Pentium D 3.4ghz 1hr 0m 39s

Render time on the Core2Extreme 2.9ghz 29m 25s!

Pentium M 1.7: 2hr5m15s
Pentium D 3.4: 1hr0m39s
Core2Extreme 2.9:29m25s

So 100% render speed increase for 2/3 the ghz rating, Just goes to show you how much more efficient the new core2’s are compared to older processors, just something to look at when your looking at upgrading.

Forgot to add, Blender 2.42a Official release.

cool that’s awesome that the Core2 does it in half the time that pentium D did it in even though it wasn’t as fast…

i wish i had the opportunity to do tests like that ;).

This gives a great overview of where machines stand.

i wish i have machine like those :slight_smile:

Just goes to prove that efficiency is one of the aspects to look for when finding a machine. You can have a 100 Ghz machine but your rendertimes would stink if it was as efficient as a donut.

This thread has me thinking about getting the Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 for now. I like what the reviews say about it’s performance with Cinebench render test. It beats the stuffing outa Athlon 64 X2 5000 when overclocked just a touch. Hummmmm.:smiley: